Why ti.ttle?

ti.ttle estimates would-be carry distances by analyzing the blank practice swings without ball.
When paired with your smart phone's GPS, ti.ttle conveniently displays the remaining distance to the hole while you are playing a round.

Pre-estimating Carry Distance
By analyzing the head speed, tempo, swing type, etc., ti.tle estimates the carry distance for each club.

Remaining Distance by GPS
ti.ttle provides data on over 36,000 golf courses around the world

Personalized for Every User
ti.ttle accounts for user profile and club-by-club calibration to produce individualized swing data.

Short Game
ti.ttle is tailored specifically to those looking to improve their short game.

Screen Golf
Enjoy Screen Golf Simulation with ti.ttle wherever you are.

Ready soon.

ti.ttle golf Apps

ti.ttle Golf app can be downloaded and installed from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Technical Specifications

We are committed to developing user-friendly devices
based on state-of-the art technologies and exhaustive real user tests.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 6-Axis MEM (microelectromechanical) sensor
    for swing analysis
  • Hall sensor for club recognition
  • OS: Android / iOS
  • OLED Display with 128x32


SizeDevice 43x18x10.5mm / Mount(Cradle) R 17mm
BatteryLithuim Polymer 70 mAh
2 Hours(Full charged) / Runtime 5 days
Bluetooth Ver.Bluetooth 4.0LE / About 10m

The Story behind ti.ttle

A "tittle" is a dot that is a part of a letter.
For example, it is the smallest part of an "i" or "j" but is integral to completing the letter.
Likewise, our device, ti.ttle, was created to complete your swing by attaching to your club like a small dot on an "i".
Our goal is to help you improve your swing and by doing so maximize your enjoyment of the game of golf.