Privacy Policy

ULIKE complies with privacy regulations including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and is leading the way in protecting the user’s rights.

This Privacy Policy will be enforced on Dec. 01, 2015 (version 1.0)

1. General Provisions

ULIKE CREATIVE, Inc. ("ULIKE" "we" or "us"). Regards it customers’ personal information, which has been provided by the users when they use the services of golf swig analysis provided by ti.ttle products and ti.ttle mobile applications and (collectively the "Site") as important and puts its best efforts in protecting personal information provided by the users in online for using all the services provided by the Company including complying with relevant laws and regulations such as the Communication Privacy Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use. Company informs the users of what are the use and collection method of privacy information provided by them and which measures the Company takes for privacy protection through Company’s privacy protection. Company’s privacy protection may be from time to time amended for the reason of changes in laws and regulations and Company’s internal policies.

2. Items and collection method of privacy information

A) Items of privacy information to be collected: the users must enter required information for service use and optional information for taking services suitable to the tastes and needs of respective users.

(1) Information to be collected for membership
- Required information: e-mail address, password
- Optional information : name, profile picture, nationality, birth year, sex, height, handicap, golf experience year
- IP Address, cookie, visitation date, service use record, misuse record

B) Collection method of personal information: Company collects personal information through:
-Homepage, written form, fax, telephone, bulletin boards, e-mail, entry for event and delivery request Service subscriptions and use or Tools for collecting generated information

3. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

A) Performance of contracts for providing service, provision of contents including golf swing analysis and specially customized service.

B) Member management
Provision of membership service, Identification, measures of use restriction to be taken against members violating the user agreement of ULIKE, imposition of punishment on the acts and unauthorized use of service which may disturb on smooth service operation, restriction on membership and number of joining membership, confirmation whether legal representation consents while collecting personal information of children under 14, treatment of civil complaint, follow-up verification of legal representation, record keeping for dispute settlement , treatment of civil complaints, delivery of notice and confirmation of intent of membership withdrawal.

C) Utilization for new service development and marketing/advertisement
Development of new service and provision of customized service, provision of service according to statistical characteristics and posting of advertisement, verification of service validity, provision of event information and participation opportunities, provision of commercial information, identification of contact frequency and statistics of members’ service use.

4. Period of retention and use of personal information collected by Company

While the users, as members of Company, uses services provided by Company, Company continues to retain their personal information and use such information for the purposes including providing service.

However, if any user directly deletes his or her personal information or requests Company to carry out membership withdrawal, that personal information will be destroyed.
In addition, for personal information provided for temporary purposes (survey, event or identification), such information will be destroyed after such purposes are established.

However, in order to prevent the recurrence of misuse of faulty members, Company may retain the record of that misuse of those members and information of overlapping membership for 1 year after the date of termination of user agreement. For the parts of contents such as golf swing analysis data generated while a member uses the service, upon separate request of that member after termination of user agreement, those parts will be promptly deleted.

In addition, if necessary to be retained as required by provisions of relevant laws and regulations, Company may retain the users’ personal information for certain periods as follows:
- Record on conclusion and termination of contract or subscriptions :
   Ground for retention: Act on Consumer Protection in E-commerce
   Retention period: 5 years
- Record on payment and supply of goods:
- Ground for retention: Act on Consumer Protection in E-commerce
- Retention period: 3 years
- Record on marks and advertisement:
- Ground for retention: Act on Consumer Protection in E-commerce
- Retention period: 6 months
- Record on visitations:
- Ground for retention: Communication Privacy Act
- Retention period: 3 months

5. Procedure and method of destruction of personal information;

Company destructs any information immediately after the purpose of its collection and use have been achieved without delay and the process and method of that destruction are as follows:

A) Process of destruction -After achieving the purpose, the information entered by the users will be maintained for certain period of time for the reason of causes in accordance with internal policy and other applicable regulations (please refer to the retention and use period) and discarded thereafter.
- Unless required by the law, personal information will not be used for the other purposes than the one for retention as described above.

B) Method of destruction - Company destructs hard copies of personal information by shredding with a pulverizer or incinerating it.
-Company deletes personal information stored in the form of electric file by using technological method that makes that information not to be regenerated.

6. Sharing and provision of personal information collected by Company

Company uses users’ personal information within the scope publicly noticed and will not use it beyond that scope without prior content of the users or provide users’ personal information to the outside except for the following cases:

- When users give prior consent
- When it is necessary for payment settlement for services provided
- When any user violates the users’ agreement and other users’ agreement or operation principles for other membership service
- When there is substantial grounds for considering that personal information must be disclosed in order to take legal measures against any user who causes emotional and property damage on others by using services of Company
- When disclosure of any personal information is required by provisions of laws and regulations or requested by investigative agencies in a manner of procedure and method as prescribed in laws and regulations for the purpose of investigation
- When any personal information is provided to advertiser, affiliates or research institutes in a form not identifying certain person for the purpose of preparing statistics or conducting academic researches and market researches
- When any personal information is provided to specialized companies operating customer centers so that complaints and inquiries (civil complaints) of the users regarding their use of service of Company can be handled
- When any transaction is made through the services provided by Company and the information for delivery (name, address and telephone number of the users) are provided to companies being part of mall or delivery companies so that they can handle necessary businesses for delivery of the goods
- If necessary for transferring users’ personal information for the reasons such as business acquisition, Company will notify users of transfer of personal information in accordance with the procedure and method as prescribed in relevant laws including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and grant the users the right to withdraw their content for that transfer.

Even when any advertisement of a group based on special conditions such as sex and ages is posted and delivered, any personal information of users will not be provided to an individual or company requesting that advertisement and, even it is necessary for other statistics process, academic researches and market researches, personal information will be provided in a form where certain individual cannot be identified.

7. Consignment and provision of personal information

In order to improve services, Company may outsource and make external specialized companies process personal information of the users. In addition, in case of entering into this consignment contract, Company ensures that that contract clearly sets forth compliance with relevant laws for privacy protection, prohibition of provision of personal information to a 3rd party and liability for the case of accident so that privacy protection can be secured.

8. Matters of personal information management (access, correction and deletion)of users by themselves

Any user or legal representative may check or make correction of personal information of him or her or member under 14, who have been registered, at any time by using mobile applications and may request the withdrawal of membership.

9. Withdrawal of consent for collection, use or provision of personal information

Any user may withdraw at any time any contents which have been consented by him or her while joining membership regarding to collection, use or provision of personal information through membership. For this withdrawal of consents, if any user requests it to the employee of Company responsible for privacy management by giving a written notice, telephone call or e-mail, Company will immediately take necessary measures necessary for that such as deletion of personal information.

10. Matters of operation of cookie

In order to provide special customized services to its users, Company uses cookie which saves and retrieve your information frequently. Cookie is a tiny text file which the server used for operation of website of the Company sends and that file may be stored in your computer hard disk. Company finds information of ID by using cookie for providing more suitable and useful services to its users. Cookie identifies the users’ computer but does not identify the user personally. By identifying each service of Company the users have visited through using cookie, Company can make and provide more convenient services and most optimal information for the users. The users may have option for allowing the use of cookie: by setting up options in web browser, they can allow all the cookies; they may require a confirmation whenever a cookie is saved; and they can reject save of any cookie and, in such event of rejection, the users may not be able to the parts of services of Company which requires establishment of allowing cookies.

The Company operate cookie for the convenience of users. The Company uses the cookie for the following if a user access to a website, the computer of the Company reads the contents of cookie in the browser of such user and search additional information of user in user’s computer and may provide services without entering of any additional information.

11. Protective measures related to personal information

(1) Measures of technical/managerial protection of personal information
In handling users’ personal information, Company takes the following technical/managerial protection of personal information to secure safety so that such personal information will not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.

(A) Encryption of passwords
Company save and manage members’ passwords to ensure that they are encrypted in one-way direction not to be decoded.

Thus, the user must not let any other person to know its password. For this, the Company recommends the users to log out in online after finishing the use of PC and end web browser.

In particular, if the user uses PC by sharing with other people and in public place (company, school, library and internet game room), the process as described above will be more necessary so that personal information cannot be disclosed to other people.

Company will never be liable for any problems which are caused by leakage of personal information of the users such as e-mail address, password and names arising out of carelessness of the users or internet problem.

(B) Countermeasures against hacking
The Company makes its best effort in preventing leakage and damage of personal information of members by hacking and computer virus.

In order to prevent any damage on personal information, the Company makes back-up data from time to time and prevents leakage and damage of personal information of users by using the latest vaccine program and, through module of password decode, the Company safely transmits personal information in the network. In addition, the Company restricts unauthorized access from the outside by using firewalls and access control system and, in order to secure stability of system, the Company makes its best efforts in being equipped with all available technical devices.

(C) Minimization the number of employees handling personal information and education for them
The Company designates specific employee to deal with personal information of users and gives special password and renew it in regular basis and, through making him or her take responsibility and education, the Company always emphasizes compliance with privacy protection policy of the Company.

12. Matters of transmission of commercial ads

Company does not transmit any commercial ads for profit making contrary to any users express intent not to receive them. In cases where the users make consent to e-mail transmission of commercial ads, Company will take measures to make those users easily be aware of them in the title or text of such email.

- In the column of e-mail title: The words of commercial ad may not be entered and major contents of e-mail text may be stated.
- In the column of e-mail text: The title, email address, telephone number and address, where the members may show their intent to reject receipt of commercial ads, are specified and their contents are as follows:

- Name of transmitter: ULIKE Co., Ltd.
- E-mail address:
- Address: 401 U-Like, Woolim W-city 255, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
- Tel.: +82 1644-7403

When it transmits commercial ads for profit making in a manner other than e-mail including fax or text message service of mobile phone, Company will take measures to ensure that the words of commercial will be marked at the first part of transmitted contents and the contact information of transmitter will be specified in the contents of transmission.

13. Contact information of person responsible for personal information management

In order to make prompt dealing with complaints related to personal information arising in the course of using services of Company by the users, the Company designates the person responsible for personal information management and the person in charge of privacy protection as follow: - Person responsible for personal information management:
- Name: Dong-wook, Kim, Director of the headquarters
- Dept.: Technology Supports headquarters
- E-mail:

- Chief Privacy Officer:
- Name: Goo-Hyung, Jung, Director of the headquarters
- Dept.: Management planning headquarters
- E-mail:

For more report and consultation regarding personal information infringement, please contact the following agencies
- Report Center of Personal Data Infringement ( / 118 without local code, Korea)
- Cyber Crime Investigation Team of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office
  ( / +822-3480-3571, Korea)
- Cyber Terror Response Center of the National Police Agency( / 182without local code, Korea)

14. Revision notice

If any current privacy protection policy of the Company is revised, the Company will inform it through notice page of its homepage at least 7 days before such revision.
- Public notice date: 2015.12.01
- Enforcement date: 2015.12.01

Under the policy, all language must be comply with Korean even if it has translated to English.
In case of be contradictory to the original (Korean) and translation (English), the original is a top priority.